What did Batu Khan do?

The Mongolian military leader Batu Khan (died 1255) conquered Russia and the adjoining territories of eastern Europe and organized the Mongol state known as the Golden Horde. Batu was a grandson of Genghis Khan, the conqueror of Asia and founder of the Mongol Empire.Click to see full answer. Furthermore, when was Batu Khan born? 1207 Furthermore, what did Kublai Khan do? Mongolian general and statesman Kublai Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan. He conquered China, founding and becoming the first emperor of the country’s Yuan Dynasty. Correspondingly, where is Batu Khan from? Mongolia Are Mongols and Tatars the same?The real name is Tatars. They were basically Turkic peoples, ethnically distinct from Mongols, and living more westwards in Central Asia. All Tatar groups became Muslim at the time of the Golden Horde, while Mongols eventually became buddhists.

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