What did the poor eat during the Elizabethan era?What did the poor eat during the Elizabethan era?

Poor people, in general, had humble and unvaried diets, whereas the rich of Elizabethan England ate well. They enjoyed all kinds of meat, including beef, pork, lamb, mutton, bacon, veal, and deer, and fancy fowl such as peacock, swan, and goose. The Elizabethans also ate fruit and vegetables.Click to see full answer. Likewise, what did peasants eat in the Elizabethan era?Peasants had a fairly simple diet mainly consisting of bread, porridge, stew,vegetables, and some meats. If a peasant lived near abody of water of some sort, he may have caught fish to supplement his diet. Peasants ate mostly what they could grow.Beside above, what methods were used to serve food in the Elizabethan era? Cooking methods that were used in the Elizabethan era were spit roasting, salting, frying, baking, and smoking. Spit Roasting- A spit (a pole) is guided through an animal (i.e. pig, rabbit, deer, etc.) and the meat is cooked over an open fire. Just so, what did the poor drink in the Elizabethan era? Drinks – Elizabethan Era food and drink. In the Elizabethan era, they mostly drank alcohol because it was easy to preserve. People in the upper class drank wine while the lower class drank ale (beer), rhenish (German wine), brandy and brandy wine (distilled wine).What did Elizabethans eat lunch?The food eaten daily by the average Lower Class Elizabethan consisted of at least ½ lb. bread, 1 pint of beer, 1 pint of porridge, and 1/4 lb of meat. This would have been supplemented with some dairy products – vegetables were a substantial ingredient of soups.

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