What did Thorwald bury?

Thorwald buries the newspaper bundle with the knife and saw in the flower patch, which the dog later tried to dig up. “Jeff” Jeffries (played by Jimmy Stewart) figures out why the dog was killed after looking through his collection of slides and noticing that the flowers in the flower patch got shorter over time.Click to see full answer. Moreover, what was buried in the garden in rear window?The American Film Institute has a synopsis that explains: The police apprehend Thorwald, who confesses that he deposited most of his wife’s body in the East River, except for her head, which he first buried in the garden and then packed in a hatbox.Similarly, what is the plot of Rear Window? The story of a recuperating news photographer who believes he has witnessed a murder. Confined to a wheelchair after an accident, he spends his time watching the occupants of neighbouring apartments through a telephoto lens and binoculars and becomes convinced that a murder has taken place. Also question is, what happened to the wife in rear window? In a scene in “Rear Window”, Thorwald is seen leaving his apartment with a woman in the morning, after he supposedly killed his wife and deposited her body parts in the night before. That scene was to convince that he left with his wife in the morning to see her off at the train station.Why did Hitchcock make rear window?In Rear Window, Alfred Hitchcock decided to create a professional photographer who is forced to spend his long summer days next to the open window of his apartment, from where he makes time go by less painfully by observing his surroundings, or to be more precise, the other tenants of his apartment building.

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