What direction should garden rows be planted?What direction should garden rows be planted?

Most experts believe that the best way to orient garden rows in the Northern hemisphere is north to south. This gives the most sun exposure and allows for ample air circulation. When crops are planted east to west, the rows tend to shade each other.Click to see full answer. Besides, should raised beds run north south?Most folks agree that planting north-south is marginally better, with the rationale running as follows: When rows run east-west, a tall crop in a south row can easily shade out a shorter crop in the next row north.Also, which direction garden is best? The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so if you stand facing the end of the garden and the sun rises to your left and sets to your right, you are facing south. At its highest point, the sun is directly south. That’s why having a south facing garden is usually considered preferable to a north facing garden. Regarding this, how do you arrange plants in a raised bed? Here are seven high-yield strategies gleaned from gardeners who have learned to make the most of their garden space. Plant in raised beds with rich soil. Round out the soil in your beds. Plant crops in triangles instead of rows. Grow climbing plants to capitalize on space. Pick compatible pairings. Do I need raised rows in my garden?The raised rows allow plants to grow deep, healthy roots. The mulch keeps weeds out and moisture in. By using soil-replenishing cover crops, there is never a need to till your garden.

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