What do Chuck E Cheese employees wear?

Long-sleeved dress shirt in white, solid light colors, or business stripes or a Company logo shirt as shown in the Manager Uniform Catalogue. Dress pants that are professional looking, clean, wrinkle resistant, and in good repair. A brown or black belt must also be worn when pant belt loops are present.Click to see full answer. Thereof, how much does Chuck E Cheese pay per hour?Chuck E. Cheese Corporation pays its employees an average of $12.02 an hour. Hourly pay at Chuck E. Cheese Corporation ranges from an average of $8.68 to $18.32 an hour.Additionally, can you have colored hair at Chuck E Cheese? No extreme or outlandish hairstyles or colors are permitted. Beside above, how is it working at Chuck E Cheese? Workers reveal what it’s really like to work at Chuck E. Cheese’s They deal with a lot of poop. The mouse suit is gross. You take a lot of abuse. You deal with a lot of angry parents. A lot of hanky panky goes on. The ball pits are a cesspool. Turnover is high for a surprising reason. You have to deal with abandoned kids. Do you have to wear uniform for orientation?Yes, if one is applied . Otherwise you show up to orientation casual. Obviously you should look nice for the orientation, There is no reason not to be in dress code since this is a job orientation, dress the part. We all wear uniform.

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