What do u mean by weekend?

Weekend is defined as the days at the end of a week (usually Saturday and Sunday) when people traditionally do not work but instead relax or pursue leisure activities. Saturday and Sunday when you do not have to go to work and you just relax and lounge around the house is an example of the weekend.Click to see full answer. In respect to this, what is the legal definition of a weekend?Weekend means a three day period consisting of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Weekend means from Friday to Monday inclusive.Subsequently, question is, what is the meaning of Saturday and Sunday? Freebase. Saturday. Saturday is the day of the week following Friday and preceding Sunday. Saturday is the seventh and therefore last day of the week according to many commonly used calendars, but it is the second-to-last day of the week according to ISO 8601. Likewise, is it correct to say on the weekend? The usage of prepositions is idiomatic. So it varies depending on the speaker. “At the weekend”, “at a weekend” and “at weekends” are used in British English; “on the weekend”, “on a weekend” and “on (the) weekends” in American English. So the answer is the usage of preposition is merely idiomatic.How do you spend your weekend? Here are our top ten ways to spend a weekend: Go see a film you’ve been meaning to watch. See a live band – or just relax with your favourite music playing in your ears. Spend a day at a nearby beach. Go for a picnic – pack an awesome lunch! Go out for a few drinks with old friends.

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