What do you do if you have decompression sickness?

Emergency treatment for decompression sickness involves maintaining blood pressure and administering high-flow oxygen. Fluids also may be given. The person should be placed left side down and if possible the head of the bed tilted down.Click to see full answer. Beside this, how long does decompression sickness last?If there are neurological symptoms, the diver may resume diving two to four weeks after treatment, depending on symptom severity. For very severe symptoms, the diver must be reevaluated three months after treatment and cleared by a Diving Medical Officer.Subsequently, question is, at what depth does decompression sickness occur? Symptoms of decompression illness can occur within minutes and up to 24 hours or more after exposure to changes in ambient pressure associated with dives of 20 feet in depth or more. The severity of symptoms depends on the rate and the magnitude of the change of ambient pressure and can vary among individuals. Also to know is, how serious is decompression sickness? Scuba diving, while enjoyable, does carry the risk of decompression sickness, also known as “the bends.” It is a serious, and potentially lethal disease, but treatable if diagnosed early. When the body is at high pressures, nitrogen from the atmosphere dissolves into the tissues.Will mild decompression sickness go away?However, In many cases of decompression illness the symptoms are only minor, such as: joint pain, numbness or tingling and muscular weakness. Sometimes these symptoms remain mild and go away by themselves, however, they often continue to persist or even increase in severity and medical advice will need to be sought.

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