What do you do with old Christmas tree ornaments?

Things You Can Make With Old Christmas Tree Ornaments Festive door ornament. Christmas ornament topiary via BHG. Attach ornaments onto an old window screen from So Into Vintage. Use old ornaments to fill a vase via BHG. Ornament tree by My Vintage Soul. Click to see full answer. Correspondingly, what are five uses for a broken Christmas tree ornament? And, you’re also going to want to look at these 25 gorgeous ways to upcycle broken teacups. Upcycled Christmas Ornament Mosaics. Upcycled Broken Glass Glitter Ornaments. Pom Pom Covered Broken Ornament. Upcycled Ornament Jewelry. Upcycled Broken Ornament Ornament. Repairing Glass Ornaments. DIY Exploded Ornament Wall Art. One may also ask, what can you do with old Christmas garland? Remove all decorations (lights, ornaments, garland, fake berries etc.). These should be thrown away. recycling centers. Curbside Pickup. community organizations. new decor out of your old wreath. Mulch or compost for garden, bonfire wood. Herein, how do you make old Christmas balls look new? Give Old Christmas Ornaments a New Look Spray paint them with pearlescent paint to give them a unified look. Add faux pearls, jewels, and beads by applying small amounts of craft glue in a design or pattern and then dipping the ornaments in tiny beads. Stencil them. Dip them in glitter. Add swirls or stars in dimensional paint. How do you show Christmas ornaments without a tree? 19 Christmas Ornament Decorations Not on Your Tree! Ornament hair tie. Ornaments aren’t just for evergreens anymore! Wine charms. Miniature ornament wine charms are the perfect way for party guests to keep track of their holiday libations. Chandelier. Source: Miki Duisterhof for Family Circle. Banister decor. Cake stand display. Table hanging. 7. Garland. Place setting.

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