What does Discontentedly mean?

The word discontent is made up of dis, meaning “not,” and content, “a state of peaceful happiness.” So as an adjective, discontent means “not happy or peaceful,” like the discontent Egyptian citizens who expressed their dissatisfaction with their country’s leader by protesting and demanding he give up power.Click to see full answer. Also question is, what means discontentment?discontentment. noun. Unhappiness caused by the failure of one’s hopes, desires, or expectations: disappointment, discontent, disgruntlement, dissatisfaction, letdown, regret.One may also ask, how do you use discontent in a sentence? discontent Sentence Examples All this soon provoked discontent among the educated classes. held in check the discontent of their own subjects. But the discontent of the Janissaries led to his dismissal and death in 1643. In this way, what do you mean by morsel? A morsel is a small amount of something, a tid-bit, a sliver, usually of something of high-quality and much desired — like a morsel of dark chocolate or a morsel of secret information. Originally it referred specifically to food — a nineteenth century lady might partake of a “dainty morsel” to eat, for example.Is Discontentedness a word?adj. Restlessly unhappy; malcontent. dis′con·tent′ed·ly adv. dis′con·tent′ed·ness n.

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