What does FMC stand for in the Army?

military, aviation, technology. FMC. Fully Mission-Capable. military, maintenance.Click to see full answer. Accordingly, what is FMC army?Official definition of the United States Department of the term full mission-capable . full mission-capable. Material condition of any piece of military equipment, aircraft, or training device indicating that it can perform all of its missions. Also called FMC.One may also ask, what organization uses the acronym FMC? Meaning. FMC. Federal Maritime Commission. FMC. Forward Markets Commission (India) Subsequently, question is, what does the acronym FMC stand for? FMC Fixed Mobile Convergence Computing » Telecom FMC FMC Corporation Business » NYSE Symbols FMC Federal Maritime Commission Business » International Business — and more FMC Ford Motor Company Business » Companies & Firms — and more FMC Food Machinery Corporation Governmental » Military — and more What does Mosi stand for Army?Museum of Science & Industry

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