What does it mean when a watermelon is orange?

The Orange watermelon has a light green rind with darker green stripes running the length of the melon. Its bright orange-colored flesh has a crisp, juicy texture and a flavor which can vary from mildly sweet to super sweet depending upon variety.Click to see full answer. Likewise, people ask, how can you tell if a watermelon is bad?To tell if a watermelon is bad, examine the outer rind for a consistent green or green-striped color. Dark-colored or moldy spots, which will look fuzzy and be black, white, or green, indicate the melon isn’t fresh. If everything looks good, put your nose close to the rind and check for a sweet, fresh scent.One may also ask, what’s the difference between yellow watermelon and red watermelon? The real differences between these watermelon varieties is apparent when they are cut in half and placed side by side. A red watermelon’s flesh should be deep red in color, while a yellow watermelon’s flesh appears canary yellow. Keeping this in view, when should you not eat watermelon? It is recommended to not consume watermelons at night right before going to bed. “I would not recommend consumption of watermelon or any fruit after 7 pm. Watermelon is slightly acidic and if consumed at night, it may delay the process of digestion when the body is inactive.What does it mean when a watermelon is yellow?Yellow flesh on your watermelon might come as quite a surprise since the exterior doesn’t look any different than the red variety. The flesh of watermelons turning yellow is a natural mutation. The fruit has a sweeter, honey-like flavor as compared to red-fleshed melons, but many of the same nutritional benefits.

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