What does Laura have in The Glass Menagerie?

She possesses a glass menagerie which she cares for with great tenderness. And she has withdrawn from the world — a withdrawal from what is real into what is make-believe. Laura has a slight physical defect — a limp — but she has magnified this limp until it has affected her entire personality.Click to see full answer. Furthermore, what disease does Laura have in The Glass Menagerie?Laura Wingfield: Amanda’s daughter and Tom’s older sister, Laura suffers the results of a childhood illness which left one of her legs malformed and in a brace. As a result, Laura is painfully shy and has withdrawn herself the outside world. She is much like her beloved glass figurines: delicate and frail.Additionally, how does Jim View Laura in The Glass Menagerie? Jim wonders what Laura has done since high school. She tells him about the business college and begins to tell about her glass collection; then Jim interrupts her and explains how she has an inferiority complex. When he finishes, Laura shows him her glass collection. Keeping this in consideration, what happened to Laura in The Glass Menagerie? Laura has a bad leg, on which she has to wear a brace, and walks with a limp. Twenty-three years old and painfully shy, she has largely withdrawn from the outside world and devotes herself to old records and her collection of glass figurines.What type of relationship do Tom and Laura Wingfield have in The Glass Menagerie?A second, very important and strong relationship for Laura in The Glass Menagerie is that between her and her younger brother, Tom. Tom Wingfield is an “itinerant dreamer” and is “trapped not only in a monotonous warehouse job but also by responsibilities to his mother and his sister” (Falk).

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