What does sweat mean in plumbing?

Sweating pipe is another term for soldering a pipe or joint for the purpose of sealing a new joint or mending a fault. This is a basic plumbing process frequently used in improvement projects.Click to see full answer. Also question is, what is sweat connection?Sweat fittings have a nonthreaded joint with a diameter slightly larger than the pipe. They slip onto the pipe, then when hot solder is applied, the solder seeps into the gap and fuses the fitting to the pipe. Compression fittings, on the other hand, have a threaded end with an attached nut.Also Know, how do you sweat a copper pipe? Heat the ends of the copper pipe with the propane torch to melt and remove the old solder. Carefully wipe away any solder with your dry rag. Take care not to burn yourself when wiping the solder away from the pipe. Similarly, it is asked, how do you sweat plumbing? Steps Cut the pipes to the right length using a hacksaw or a copper tube cutter. Remove the burs with a wire brush or file. Clean the end of the copper pipe with a special cleaning brush. Clean the inside of all fittings. Apply soldering paste to the cleaned ends of the pipe and the insides of the cleaned fittings. What is a copper sweat fitting?The walls of copper pipe, however, are too thin and soft to be threaded, so a different sort of fitting is used, called a sweat fitting. It’s called that because the process of joining the various elements using solder involves heating them with a propane torch until they seem to sweat.

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