What does the celiac trunk branch into?

Major Branches. After emerging from the aorta, the coeliac trunk extends approximately 1cm before dividing into three major branches – left gastric, splenic and common hepatic arteries. Of these branches, two go left and one goes to the right-hand side.Click to see full answer. Besides, what are the branches of celiac trunk?There are three main divisions of the celiac trunk: the left gastric artery, the common hepatic artery, and the splenic artery.One may also ask, what level is the celiac trunk? The celiac trunk arises from the anterior surface of the abdominal aorta at the level of the 12th thoracic vertebra. Considering this, what does celiac artery branch into? At the upper border of the pancreas, it divides into three branches: left gastric, splenic, and common hepatic arteries. The left gastric artery is usually the first branch, after which the celiac artery bifurcates into the splenic artery (coursing to the left) and the common hepatic artery (coursing to the right).Why would a blood clot in the celiac trunk cause abdominal pain?Thrombosis of the celiac artery trunk is a rare cause of acute abdominal pain. The most common etiology is atherosclerosis. 20–30% of cases may have symptoms of chronic mesenteric ischemia. Main goal of the treatment is to reestablish the diminished or stopped mesenteric blood flow and to avoid end-organ ischemia.

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