What does XB mean in Stata?

xb calculates the linear prediction from the fitted model. The statistic produced by stdp can be thought of as the standard error of the predicted expected value, or mean index, for the observation’s covariate pattern. This is also commonly referred to as the standard error of the fitted value.Click to see full answer. Also question is, what is predict in Stata?Description. predict calculates predictions, residuals, influence statistics, and the like after estimation. Exactly what predict can do is determined by the previous estimation command; command-specific options are documented with each estimation command.One may also ask, what does the residual mean? A residual is the vertical distance between a data point and the regression line. Each data point has one residual. They are positive if they are above the regression line and negative if they are below the regression line. If the regression line actually passes through the point, the residual at that point is zero. Then, how do you predict residuals? Residuals. The difference between the observed value of the dependent variable (y) and the predicted value (ŷ) is called the residual (e). Each data point has one residual. Both the sum and the mean of the residuals are equal to zero.What does the margins command do in Stata?Margins are statistics calculated from predictions of a previously fit model at fixed values of some covariates and averaging or otherwise integrating over the remaining covariates. The margins command estimates margins of responses for specified values of covariates and presents the results as a table.

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