What famous person lives in Houston Texas?

Listed below are 10 of the most famous people from Houston. Jennifer Garner. wikimedia commons/Karon Liu. Matt Stone. wikimedia commons/Peabody Awards. Barbara Mandrell. wikimedia commons/U.S. DoD. Patrick Swayze. wikimedia commons/photo by Alan Light. Jaclyn Smith. Kenny Rogers. Alexis Bledel. Jim Parsons. Click to see full answer. Simply so, what celebrities are from Houston Texas? Famous People Born In Houston Patrick Swayze. 18 August 1952, American. Travis Scott. 30 April 1992, American. Hilary Duff. 28 September 1987, American. Dennis Quaid. 09 April 1954, American. Jennifer Garner. 17 April 1972, American. Jim Parsons. 24 March 1973, American. Megan Thee Stallion. 15 February 1995, American. The Undertaker. Beside above, what celebrities live in River Oaks Houston TX? Notable residents Jim Bath, businessman. George R. William Lockhart Clayton, co-founder of Anderson-Clayton Cotton Company. John Connally, Governor of Texas. Clyde Drexler, professional basketball player. Dan Duncan, businessman. Carolyn Farb, philanthropist. Also to know is, do any celebrities live in Texas? Some famous people from Texas are actors and other Texas celebrities are musicians. A few of the most famous people in Texas are filmmakers, athletes, and pop stars. Many of the famous people who live in Texas reside in Dallas, Houston, or Austin. Another of the Texas actors is Sandra Bullock.What famous actors are from Texas? Celebrities that were born in Texas Forest Whitaker. Actor | The Last King of Scotland. Robin Wright. Actress | Forrest Gump. Owen Wilson. Actor | The Royal Tenenbaums. Matthew McConaughey. Actor | Dallas Buyers Club. Jim Parsons. Actor | The Big Bang Theory. Tommy Lee Jones. Actor | The Fugitive. Selena Gomez. Actress | Monte Carlo. Gary Busey.

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