What fruit picking is in season?What fruit picking is in season?

Harvest Calendar / Ripening Dates (Approximate – Check with each farm!) Crops Early (warmer and coastal areas) Most Active Cherries June 10 July 1 – July 31 Grapes August 25 September 10 – September 20 Peaches, Nectarines July 15 July 20 – September 1 Click to see full answer. Accordingly, what fruit is in season now for picking?We currently offer pick your own blueberries, nectarines, plums, peaches and tomatoes. Citrus from 2019, persimmon from 2019, apples from 2020. We will let you know as each type of Fruit comes into season, so keep in touch.Also, what fruits can you pick in April? When to go November to March – Citrus (oranges, grapefruit, madarines, etc, in so Cal, AZ, NM, TX, FL. March – April: Asparagus. May-June: strawberries. June- July: cherries. June-August: blueberries, blackberries. July-September: peaches, figs, tomatoes, green beans. July-October: raspberries. Beside above, what’s in season for picking? Fruit Seasons Strawberries ~ Early June to Early July. Cherries ~ Late June to Mid July. Blueberries ~ Early July to late August. Peaches and Nectarines ~ early. Blackberries ~ Early August to early September. Apples ~ Late August through late October. Pumpkins ~ Mid September through late October. What fruits are in season right now in Massachusetts? Expect to see the following during this month: Beets, June through December. Cabbage, June through October. Carrots, June through September. Corn, June through August. Kale, June through November. Kohlrabi, June and July, September and October. Oregano, June through November. Strawberries, June.

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