What Gin goes with cucumber?

Hendrick’s Gin & Cucumber Many people ask us ‘should you serve Hendrick’s Gin with cucumber?’ . Hendrick’s was one of the first mainstream gins to successfully diversify garnishing from the traditional lemon or lime slice.Click to see full answer. Considering this, why is Hendricks served with cucumber?The reason Hendrick’s is served with cucumber is that Hendrick’s botanical list includes both cucumber and Bulgarian rose petals, so to use a cucumber as a garnish simply highlights the flavour profile.Furthermore, how do you cut cucumbers for Gin? The goal is to completely smash the cucumber to release all its flavor. Add 1 oz of gin and stir. Then add ice just until the ice cubes are above the liquid, about halfway up the glass. Cut the end off the lime, then slice three very thin slices, try and make sure you get green peel all the way around the slices. Furthermore, what does cucumber tonic go with? The result is a tonic with a refreshing taste and aroma, which pairs perfectly with fresh and floral gins and when served with a cucumber ribbon and sprig of fresh mint, gives a fresh cucumber twist on the quintessentially British G&T as well as great accompaniment to premium vodka.Which Garnish with which gin?London Dry Gins – generally work well with fresh or dehydrated lime, lemons, grapefruit, orange. Lemon/Lime – Since all gin is made with citrus and juniper, you are always safe with a citrus which not only looks fresh and colourful but also works well with most gins.

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