What goes well with quiche for breakfast?

Best Quiche Side Dishes 1) Ice Tea. 2) Coffee. 3) Salad. 4) Fruit Salad. 5) A Berry Mixture. 6) Tomato Soup. 7) Vegetable Bisque. 8) Crusty Bread. Click to see full answer. Furthermore, what do I serve with quiche?I often serve a salad instead. If you really wanted a hearty meal, you could serve a soup with it instead, maybe a beef or chicken broth with some vegetables. Like other posters said, you can add just about anything to quiche to make it more filling. Leeks, broccoli, mushrooms, ham, spinach, zucchini, peppers.Also, what vegetables go with quiche? Fantastic Sides to Go With Your Quiche Chicken Soup. This is absolutely the best side dish if your quiche is mainly the vegetable kind. Roasted Potatoes and Green Peas. Some roasted potatoes with a slice or two of quiche are just perfect. Focaccia. Roasted Asparagus and Bacon. Beside above, can you eat quiche for breakfast? Quiche is a savory and delicious dish made with milk, cheese and eggs baked in a pie crust. Quiches can be served at any time but are a common breakfast or brunch item. To create a well-rounded meal, serve fruit with your quiche for breakfast.What goes with salmon quiche?Smoked salmon; smoked haddock; crab; roasted cauliflower; spinach; broccoli (a little green/leafiness is welcome in offsetting the richness of a quiche); sweet, smoky wood-fired peppers; bacon/lardons; caramelised onions; feta (in chunks); goat’s cheese; roasted garlic; chives or dill (all other herbs are verboten);

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