What GPA is required for TCC?

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all TCC courses (associate degrees only). A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required for all courses presented for graduation. All degree requirements must be satisfactorily completed.Click to see full answer. Beside this, what is the acceptance rate for TCC?It is a big institution with an enrollment of 15,077 undergraduate students. The Tarrant County acceptance rate is 100%. Popular majors include Liberal Arts and Humanities, Business, and Information Science. Graduating 25% of students, Tarrant County alumni go on to earn a starting salary of $29,100.One may also ask, how do you get into TCC? Complete and submit an application for admission. Applications can either be submitted: Online with ApplyTCC (use Firefox or Chrome for best experience), or. In person at any campus’s Admissions and Registrar Office. Receive notice of acceptance. Accordingly, does TCC require SAT? Students are required to submit test scores, prior to scheduling for Orientation. Tallahassee Community College accepts FPERT, ACCUPLACER, ACT and SAT scores that are less than two years old.What ACT score does TCC require?You must have ACT scores of 19 or higher in Reading/English and 20 or higher in Math or SAT scores of 480 in English and 530 in Math. If you do not have ACT or SAT scores or they’re below our requirements in any of these subject areas, you can come to TCC and take our College Placement Test instead.

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