What Happened To Jennifer Dulos? Missing Update And Where Is She Now

Jennifer Dulos, a lady from the United States, has been missing since May 24, 2019. A minor update on the situation of the missing person.

Jennifer Dulos was born in New York City to banker Gloria Ortenberg and philanthropist Hilliard Farber. Melissa Irene Farber is her older sister.

Elizabeth Claiborne and Arthur Ortenberg, Jennifer’s maternal aunt and uncle, created Liz Claiborne Inc’s fashion company.

Jennifer obtained a bachelor’s degree in English from Brown University and a master’s degree in writing from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She worked as a writer for Patch.com and managed her blog while staying at home with her children.

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– What Happened To Jennifer Dulos?
– Jennifer Dulos Missing Update
– Where Is Jennifer Dulos -Connecticut Mother Of Five Now?

What Happened To Jennifer Dulos?

Jennifer Dulos, a lady from the United States, has been missing since May 24, 2019. Authorities believe she was killed in a brutal attack at her home in New Canaan, Connecticut.

The 50-year-old’s body has never been located, but authorities believe she is dead based on evidence discovered in her New Canaan home’s garage.

Fotis Dulos, her estranged husband, committed suicide in January 2020 while facing charges of murder, kidnapping, and other crimes in the case.

Later, the two and Fotis’ attorney Kent Mawhinney were charged with additional counts in connection with Jennifer’s death. In January 2020, Fotis committed suicide.

Jennifer and Fotis were going through a tumultuous divorce and child custody battle. Fotis, police believe, had been waiting for Jennifer when she returned home after leaving her children off at school and attacked her.

On the night Jennifer vanished, police say he and Troconis traveled to Hartford to dispose of garbage bags carrying objects stained with Jennifer’s blood.

Mawhinney is also accused of conspiring with Fotis and Troconis, according to the police.

Jennifer Dulos Missing Update

Jennifer Dulos has never been discovered, but arrest warrants state that she is considered dead based on evidence found in the garage of her New Canaan home.

Fotis Dulos committed suicide in January 2020, just weeks after being accused of the murder of his estranged wife. “The investigation into Jennifer’s death and disappearance is still underway, even though it has slowed over the last year.”

The two people charged with murder conspiracy will stand trial once the courts reconvene.

“We remain grateful to the Connecticut State Police, New Canaan Police, and other law enforcement groups for their efforts in bringing Jennifer’s case to a conclusion,” the statement continues.

Where Is Jennifer Dulos -Connecticut Mother Of Five Now?

On Monday, Connecticut State Police returned to a park in southern Connecticut to look for Jennifer Dulos, a missing mother of five who has been gone for more than two years.

According to a state police spokesperson, detectives followed up on “prior investigation information” relating to the Dulos’ disappearance.

The spokeswoman stated, “This is being done out of an abundance of caution to pursue every avenue linked to the issue.” “Our investigators extensively explore any leads; therefore, these follow-ups are routine protocol.”

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