What happened to the 3 Skelton brothers?

The boys were last with their father, John Russell Skelton, now 48, and reported missing on on Nov, 26, 2010. Authorities charged John Skelton with three counts of unlawful imprisonment; he entered no-contest pleas and has been in Michigan’s prison system since Sept. 15, 2011. He could be paroled as early as Nov.Click to see full answer. Hereof, what happened to the Skelton brothers?When the boys were reported missing, they were in the care of their father, John Skelton. In late 2017, there was movement in the investigation after bone fragments and teeth of three children who fit the ages of the Skelton brothers when they went missing, were discovered in Missoula, Montana.Furthermore, who are the Skelton brothers? Andrew, Alexander and Tanner Skelton vanished from the small town more than eight years ago, sparking a nationwide search. Alexander, Tanner and Andrew Skelton. Still, family members and police investigators said they get hopeful whenever a tip comes in, and one recent tip had some new information. Simply so, were the bones found the Skelton brothers? Bones Found In Montana Shed Not That Of Missing Skelton Brothers. According to the Missoula County Coroner’s Office, bone fragments and teeth of three children, discovered in Missoula, Montana last September, do not belong to the Skelton brothers — who disappeared from Morenci, Michigan more than 7 years ago.Who is Skelton?John Skelton, also known as John Shelton (c. 1463 – 21 June 1529), possibly born in Diss, Norfolk, was an English poet and tutor to King Henry VIII of England. Skelton died in Westminster and was buried in St. Margaret’s Church, although no trace of the tomb remains.

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