What happens at first Counselling session?

In the first session you will meet your counsellor for the first time. Sessions last for 50 minutes, and take place in a quiet room with just two of you present. Your counsellor will ask you questions that will help them to understand your surface problem(s) before they can explore any deeper issues.Click to see full answer. Herein, what should I expect from my first Counselling session? What to Expect in Your First Counseling Session Why you sought therapy. A particular issue probably led you to seek counseling. Your personal history and current situation. The therapist will ask you a series of questions about your life. Your current symptoms. Don’t just sit there. Be open. Be prepared. Ask questions. Be open and honest about your feelings. Additionally, what should I do after Counselling session? These tips may help too: Go for a walk after sessions, or somewhere quiet, and really reflect on what was said and why it’s helpful. Meet someone you trust during the week and chat things through with them. Write a diary, which you could bring to your next session. Indulge in a hobby that makes you feel good. Similarly one may ask, how do you prepare for a first therapy session? Starting Therapy: How to Prepare for Your First Session Set an intention. First up, it helps to have a bit of a think around what you’re looking to get out of therapy. Give yourself a break. Feeling awkward is fine. Be as open as possible. Most of us spend our days living in our head and not our feelings. Listen to your gut. Take note of how your therapist made you feel… What happens in a therapy session?A: Each session is, essentially, a problem-solving session. You describe your current situation, and your feelings about it, and then the therapist uses their expertise to assist you in trying to resolve that problem so you can move closer to having the life you wish to have.

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