What happens on NG serve?

The ng serve command does not write build and it builds artifacts from memory instead for a faster development experience. This command builds your app and deploys it. This command build, deploy, serves and every time watches your code changes. if find any change in code it builds and serves that code automatically.Click to see full answer. In this regard, what happens when we do ng serve?From the docs: The CLI supports running a live browser reload experience to users by running ng serve. This will compile the application upon file saves and reload the browser with the newly compiled application. This is done by hosting the application in memory and serving it via webpack-dev-server.Subsequently, question is, how do you kill ng serve? If you want to quit ng serve , you should use Ctrl+C instead, in which will also release the 4200 port. We can forcefully kill the port by following command. Find the PID of the process that you want to kill. Also question is, what does ng serve mean? ng serve. Will serve a project that is ‘Angular CLI aware’, i.e. a project that has been created using the Angular CLI, particularly using: ng new app-name. So, if you’ve scaffolded a project using the CLI, you’ll probably want to use ng serve.What is the difference between ng build and Ng serve?The main difference is – The ng build command writes generated build artifacts to the output folder and the ng serve command does not. The ng build command generates output files just once and does not serve them.

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