What industries were established in India during British rule?

Cotton textile and Jute industries are major industries in India during British rule. Metal industries like iron and steel also started on commercial scale after some time. Wood based industries like saw mills, ply boards and particle boards also established in forest regions.Click to see full answer. Besides, what was the main industry during British rule?Indian Industries During British Rule was a well-known producer of handicraft and textile business. India was also famous for its industries in silk and cotton textiles. In addition, Indians were skilled in metal and high-priced stonework too.Subsequently, question is, when did industries start in India? The first industrial undertaking was established in India only after the first railways had been constructed in 1851. The development in 1854 of the cotton textile industry in India – the first important large scale industry marks the dawn of a new industrial era in India. Similarly, what was the position of Indian Industries before the British rule? Before the British rule, India was self-sufficient in textile and Cotton products but during the British rule, India fell down to the position of importing cloth from England. In the 19th century A.D. British government abolished the tarrif protection of Indian goods.What were the difficulties in the development of Indian Industries at the time of independence?At the time of Independence, the Indian economy was facing severe problems of illiteracy, poverty, low per capita income, industrial backwardness, and unemployment. After India attained its Independence in 1947, a sincere effort was made to begin an era of industrial development.

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