What is a Bradley Master Gunner?

Course Description The Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle System Master Gunner course is an 8 week 2 day course which utilizes small group training methodologies to train Master Gunners on Bradley Fighting Vehicle weapon systems maintenance and ABCT gunnery training strategies.Click to see full answer. Simply so, what does a master gunner do?The primary mission of the army master gunner is to aid and assist commanders at all echelons in the planning, development, execution, and evaluation of all crew-served weapons related training (individual, crew, and collective). The master gunner’s specific duties are directed by the commander.Similarly, what is digital master gunner? The U.S. Army’s Mission Command Digital Master Gunner (MCDMG) is a subject matter expert who can configure, operate, maintain and coordinate the connectivity of mission command information systems. Keeping this in view, how long is Army master gunner school? 27 days What is a gunner in the military?An army gunner is a military personnel member who operates an infantry support weapon. An army gunner belongs to The British Royal Regiment of Artillery. The Royal Artillery is responsible for supplying gun power to the army across all disciplines.

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