What is a Bricknick in the maze runner?

Bricknick. Bricknicks are Gladers who have similar responsibilities to the Builders, but are mainly tasked with repairing structures.Click to see full answer. Moreover, what are Sloppers in the maze runner?Sloppers are the Gladers who are not good at any of the jobs, so they help around the Glade mostly by doing the dirty tasks that other Gladers don’t want to do, such as cleaning up the Blood House, the kitchen, toilets, and showers.One may also ask, what are the rules in the maze runner? Rules. Never go outside the Glade, unless you’re a Runner. Never hurt another Glader. You have to trust each other. In this manner, what are builders in the maze runner? Builders are the ones who build most of the things around the Glade, such as structures and other simple items that would help with carrying and moving things around. They also upgrade the structures and buildings. The Keeper of the Builders is Gally.What is Thomas job in the maze runner?Thomas and Teresa are now working for WICKED. Their job is to program optical illusions for Maze A.

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