What is a heat reclaimer for wood stoves?

The 8″ Magic Heat Reclaimer is a smart way to save on heating bills. Install the Magic Heat Waste Heat Reclaimer in the flue (vent pipe) of any air-tight stove, furnace, or freestanding fireplace. Exhaust heat and gases travel upward through the flue, circulating around the heat-exchanger tubes.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in consideration, how do you install a heat reclaimer? Install Additional Parts Install 3 sheet metal screws below the heat reclaimer to any of the elbow joints to secure them into place. The hand damper is installed below the heat reclaimer near the entrance of the stove. The pipe inside of the heat reclaimer can be the same size or bigger than the flue.Beside above, how hot does a stove pipe get? I usually get the pipe to 500 – 550 upon initial start up and close down the air to run the stove top temperature around 450. I would like to run the stove top temp to 600 as Jotul says the best range is 400-600. **All temp readings are the surface temperatures. In this manner, how does a wood burning stove heat water? As you can see, our setup employs a coil of copper tubing — located inside a wood burning stove’s stovepipe — to heat the water that’s held in our storage tank. Hot smoke rising through the stovepipe warms the water in the copper coil, which causes it to rise (and thereby draw more cold water into the coil).What is magic heat?Magic Heat is the only UL listed heat reclaimer on the market. Magic Heat is designed for heating appliances with inside flue temperatures exceeding 350 degrees and surface temperatures of the single wall pipe below the Magic Heat exceeding 280 degrees.

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