What is a RainMate?

The RainMate is a tabletop device that recirculates fresh smelling, gently scented air throughout your home or office. With many scents to choose from, you can improve your personal environment with the nature infused scent of your choice.Click to see full answer. Similarly, does the RainMate clean the air?The Rainmate Fresh Aire, like the IL, is a magnificent table top device that uses hydro purification technology to trap bad smells, air, smoke, spores, bacteria and dust. It then atomizes and releases this clean air to the surrounding environment leaving the room fresh and free of pollution.Also, how many square feet does a RainMate cover? Sitting in one place, it is able to cover an area of 1200 square feet. Small and comfortable size – Equipped with a tank with a capacity of one liter. Equipped with a powerful engine with a power of 45W and 3000 rpm. Herein, what is the purpose of the Rainbow RainMate? The Rainbow RainMate is a unique air purifier due to its filtration system – a swirling basin of water. This basin of water is what’s used to trap dust & odors, removing them from the air in your house. At the same time, it’s also freshening up the clean air with a scent of your choice!Can you use essential oils in a rainbow?Using a Rainbow vacuum to freshen the air is not limited to using packaged fragrances. Essential oils add natural aromas to the air. Rainbow owners add a few drops of essential oils, such as eucalyptus, basil or thyme, to name only a few suggestions, to the water basin for calming or energizing purified air.

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