What is a ringless meter socket?

The most apparent difference is the way the meter is secured to the socket. The ring style uses a specially formed ring that attaches to the meter curl on the enclosure and to the meter. Ringless style metering uses the cover, which has an embossment for the meter, as the retainer.Click to see full answer. Beside this, what is a horn bypass on a meter socket?Short bus connectors extend upward from the line side and downward from the load side meter socket jaws. The ends of these bus connectors give the appearance of “Horns”. This temporary bypass feature allows the utility to perform meter MAINTENANCE without interruption of service to the downstream occupant.Secondly, what is a meter bypass? Re: Meter Bypass The power company makes us install meter sockets with a bypass here. It disconnects the lugs that the meter plugs into so that it doesn’t arc to the meter prongs when they unplug or plug it into the meter socket. It does not supply temporary power to the house. Herein, what is a meter socket? A meter socket is a type of outdoors electrical socket that connects a watt-hour meter, or electrical meter, to a house. These are the meters outside houses, commercial buildings and construction sites that measure the amount of power used so the supplier knows what to charge.What is a meter horn?The Water Meter Horn is designed to hold the water meter in a horizontal position.

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