What is a salamander used for in the kitchen?

Salamanders are kitchen devices used for broiling, browning, caramelizing, glazing, grilling and toasting. They are used to finish off foods, rather than cook them. There are two forms of Salamanders. One is hand-held; the other is like an oven.Click to see full answer. Correspondingly, why is it called a salamander in the kitchen?The modern overhead broiler units derive their nickname from a much older piece of equipment, from the 17th century and earlier, that was used for a similar purpose, but which took a lot more work. These were flat and rounded or squared pieces of heavy wrought-iron melted on a handle.Furthermore, how hot does a salamander get? The Salamander’s power emanates from two independently controlled 11,000 BTU infrared broilers delivering ideal, easy-to-adjust heat, from gentle broiling to 1850°F of intense searing heat across the 215 square inches of cooking space. In this regard, what is the difference between a broiler and a salamander? The biggest difference between a salamander broiler and a cheese melter is the heat output. This means that salamanders can be used to actually cook foods rather than just warm them up. A standard salamander can achieve broiling temperatures much higher than even a typical oven.Can you cook pizza in a salamander?You can “mark” the crust on the grill or start the pizza on the flattop. Once you have enough bottom heat, run the pizza under the salamander for about one minute to melt the cheese and obtain the right color. Today’s oven technology has created ovens that will cook a pizza in around one minute.

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