What is a sensor cook microwave?

Microwave Sensor Cooking Definitions. If a microwave has sensor controls, it is not necessary to touch “Start” after depressing the pad. The sensor detects the steam emitted by the cooking food and automatically adjusts the cooking time. This feature allows the cooking of four to sixteen ounces of frozen vegetables.Click to see full answer. Subsequently, one may also ask, what does Sensor Reheat mean on a microwave?Answer: Microwave Sensor cooking measures vapor (moisture and humidity) emitted from food as it heats. Sensor Reheat can be used to reheat foods. Follow the menu guide on the microwave.Secondly, how does a microwave popcorn sensor work? The “Popcorn” sensor is actually an acoustic sensor, i.e. it listens to the sound of popping and when that slows down it stops the microwave energy. There are also “Doneness” sensors that are supposed to determine when your food is done. Consequently, what does a humidity sensor do in a microwave? In an operation of such a microwave oven, the humidity sensor determines the humidity of air inside the cooking cavity, and automatically controls the cooking process based upon this determination.Is sensor cooking the same as convection?A convection microwave oven uses the fan to circulate the hot air as well as the radio-frequency energy to cook, heat and bake the food. Many convection microwaves have sensor cooking or auto chef cooking which adjusts the cooking time depending on the food for better tasting meals.

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