What is a stock activity sheet 1?

Activity Sheet 1: What is a Stock? Stocks represent a share of ownership in a publicly held company. As a stockholder, the investor has a claim on the assets of the company in exchange for money paid for the stock. The stockholder also shares with the original owners in the company’s wealth along with the risks.Click to see full answer. Hereof, what do companies usually do with profits that are left after all expenses are paid?They either reinvest the profits or share them with stockholders in the form of dividends. is Revlon performing better or worse than it was the previous day? Revlon is performing worse than yesterday because it is trading at a lower price than its previous day’s closing price. The days High & Low which is a representative of the maximum and the minimum costs people have paid for the stock on this trading day reveal that Revlon trading was lower than the previous day. Hereof, does general public buy new issues of stock on the primary market? The general public buys new issues of stock on the primary market. Q. Common stock is more prone to rapid changes; therefore, there is more risk associated. Preferred stock means the company is preferred over other companies in a particular industry.Can Stock Market Game portfolios earn dividends?Stock market investors have to pay taxes on the money they earn from returns, but dividends are treated differently than other stocks. Dividend investors must pay taxes annually on the income they earn from dividend payments.

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