What is a wet ink pen?

An ink that flows graciously and lusciously from a pen nib and results in very smooth, saturated writing would be considered a wet ink. The inks referred to as good shading inks are usually wet writing inks that can saturate the page with color.Click to see full answer. Beside this, is diamine ink wet or dry?In my experience, Diamine inks tend to run wet rather than dry. But, purple inks in general (again, just my experience) run dry.Furthermore, is Pelikan ink good? Pelikan 4001 Violet ink is a high quality, historic, German ink from a company that has over 100 years of tradition and know-how. Pelikan 4001 Violet ink is a very bright, vivid purple that dries quickly and comes at a very economical price. It is smooth flowing and is also gentle on most fountain pens. Also to know, what are the wettest fountain pen inks? Herbin, Waterman, and Diamine, for me, are the wettest.What fountain pen inks are dry?Wetter inks have a faster flow while dry inks have a slower flow and more surface tension. Wetter inks include Omas Technical ink Blue, Noodlers Ink Widow Maker, or Aurora black. Dryer inks include Pelikan 4001, Noodler’s Black or Lamy blue or black.

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