What is a wobble seat?

Gently rounded ergonomic base allows you to move and flex without leaving your seat. Provides both stability and flexibility. Exercises back, leg and abdominal area. Relieves sore muscles and stiff joints. Allows a wide range of movement at large desk or work areas.Click to see full answer. Beside this, what does a wobble chair do?A wobble chair is an ergonomically designed chair which allows and promotes movement while sitting. These chairs all have one important feature, though: no back. Wobble chairs are designed so the sitter must use lower back muscles and core muscles. The goal is to sit up straight and move often while working.Secondly, how much is a wobble chair? Active Kids Chair by Studico – Wobble Chair Toddlers (Kindergarten) – Age Range 2-3 – Flexible… List Price: $64.99 You Save: $12.00 (18%) Considering this, are wobble chairs effective? Standing Desk Stool Sitting higher also makes it easier to convert back and forth between sitting and standing. She said about the Wobble Stool “I found the Wobble Stool to be effective at increasing productivity. I love being able to work and burn calories at the same time.How do wobble chairs help students?Wobble chairs are designed to support students with ADHD, because they provide a physical challenge and opportunity to release energy while simultaneously working. However, modifications such as these wobble chairs often benefit all learners, especially with a shared classroom space.

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