What is an OG gutter?

OG Gutter has a traditional, charismatic profile. OG stands for ‘Old Gothic’. The style of OG Gutter makes it the ideal choice for use on both traditional and modern homes. It is available in a huge range of colours.Click to see full answer. Moreover, what types of gutters are there?Aluminum gutters, copper gutters, steel gutters, galvalume gutters, zinc gutters and vinyl gutters are your six main choices of gutter material. Aluminum Gutters Of all the types of gutters to choose from, there is a very good reason why aluminum dominates the gutter market.Also Know, how do you fit Ogee guttering? Ensure brackets are positioned at a maximum of 800 mm apart. Fit the first piece of guttering using the front to back rule. If required, fit a stop end supported by a bracket within 150mm of the stop end. For additional lengths of guttering, fit a union bracket and use a silicon lubricant for easy fitting. Likewise, what is the spacing between gutter brackets? Fascia brackets should be spaced at a maximum of 1m apart on straight gutter runs. (800mm in the case of the Ogee Gutters, 600mm in the case of the Hi Capacity Gutters). When using 80mm Round Downpipe with Hi-Cap and Ogee Gutters, fascia brackets should be spaced at a maximum of 800mm intervals.What is a half round gutter?An alternative to the standard aluminum k-style gutters is half-round gutters. Instead of being more square shaped, half round gutters are rounded, like a round pipe that is cut lengthwise.

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