What is board insulation?

Definition of insulating board. : a board with insulating properties especially : a structural or finish material that consists of sheets of lightly compressed vegetable pulp variously finished and is used especially for its thermal insulating effect resulting from great numbers of minute included air spaces.Click to see full answer. Hereof, what is insulation board used for?foam board insulation. Foam boards – rigid panels of insulation – can be used to insulate almost any part of your home, from the roof down to the foundation. They provide good thermal resistance and often add structural strength to your home.Also, how does foam board insulation work? Foam board insulation provides good thermal resistance and reduce heat conduction through structural elements, such as wood and steel studs, according to the U.S. DOE. Similarly, is foam board insulation good? Foam board insulation is a great alternative to the very common fiberglass batt insulation that is in most of our homes. It has a higher R-Value per inch of thickness, it’s resistant to moisture and is easy to work with.Is foam board insulation better than fiberglass?Foam insulation, whether it’s in the form of foam board sheets or spray-on insulation, requires a smaller amount of material to achieve the same amount of insulation. A thicker application of fiberglass, however, can prove to be a bit more efficient.

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