What is Bob Duncan’s job?

Robert “Bob” William Duncan is living in Denver, Colorado, United States with his 5 children and his wife, Amy Duncan. Bob is working at Bob’s Bugs Be Gone. He has also been ordained a minister online. Father of PJ, Teddy, Gabe, Charlie and Toby.Click to see full answer. Also, when was Bob Duncan born?December 7, 1904Also Know, did Bob Duncan die? Duncan passed away Monday at age 67. He would have been 68 this Sunday. Also to know is, how old is Bob Duncan in real life? His birthday is somewhere past July 10, 1971. He is shown to be the same age as Amy. He lost his good looks just at age 25. He is one of two characters played by multiple people in different stages of life (he played old PJ and Jason Dolley played young Bob).How many kids does Bob Duncan have? five children

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