What is Carol Gilligan’s objection to Lawrence Kohlberg’s theory of moral development?

Kohlberg found that more men reached this stage of moral reasoning than women and that men tended to be heavily focused on justice. Gilligan criticized this theory, arguing that it was biased in favor of men. In her own research, Gilligan found that women placed a stronger emphasis on caring in moral decision making.Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, what is Carol Gilligan theory?Carol Gilligan states that the post-conventional level of moral thinking can be dealt based on the two types of thinking. Gilligan’s theory is based on the two main ideas, the care-based morality (usually found in women) and the justice-based morality (usually found in men).One may also ask, what differences exist between Kohlberg and Gilligan’s theories of moral development quizlet? A. Gilligan postulated an ethic of justice; Kohlberg postulated an ethic of care. Gilligan postulated an ethic of equity; Kohlberg postulated an ethic of care. Also, what were Gilligan’s criticisms of Kohlberg? Gilligan’s main criticism is that Kohlberg constructs what he considers ” the highest stage of moral development ” from a male viewpoint and thus it is not neutral and impartial at all.What did Carol Gilligan propose?Gilligan proposed the Stages of the Ethics of Care theory, which addresses what makes actions ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. Gilligan’s theory focused on both care-based morality and justice-based morality. Care-based morality is based on the following principles: Emphasizes interconnectedness and universality.

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