What is CCC in insurance?

Care, custody, and control is an exclusion found in liability insurance policies that removes indemnification for the insured when a property is placed in the care of the insured.Click to see full answer. Also know, what insurance companies use CCC?For starters, CCC has contracts with many insurance companies, including Nationwide, Geico, Allstate, etc. CCC has grabbed a large market share of business from the Insurance Companies by saving them money on claims translating into lower average claim payouts for policyholders.Beside above, what does CCC stand for in CCC Information Services? Fax: (312) 527-2298. Web site: http://www.cccis.com. Incorporated: 1980 as Certified Collateral Corporation. Also asked, what does CCC Information Services do? CCC Information Services, Inc. provides software products and services. The Company offers software solutions, analytical tools, and comprehensive data that focus on integrated claims management, collision repair, and insurance estimating services.What is meant by the terms custody and control?Care, custody, or control. Care, custody, and control is an exclusion in general liability and commercial auto insurance policies that removes coverage for someone else’s property that is damaged while in your possession.

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