What is exposure index in radiography?

Exposure index (EI) is the measure of the amount of exposure received by the image receptor (IR). It is dependent on mAs, total detector area irradiated, and beam attenuation. The exposure index is indicative of the image quality.Click to see full answer. Accordingly, what is exposure in radiography?Exposure. Exposure describes the ability of X-ray photons to ionize air and cannot be used for protons, neutrons or electrons. Exposure decreases with the square of the distance from an x-ray source (inverse square law).Likewise, what is exposure latitude in radiography? Exposure latitude is the extent to which a light-sensitive material can be overexposed or underexposed and still achieve an acceptable result. This measure is used for digital and analogue processes, i.e. optical microlithography or photography. Also to know, what is an S number in radiography? S-values or “sensitivity” values represent the numeric value of exposure received by the receptors in the digital system. This represents a key value in monitoring that a quality radiograph is obtained with the least amount of dose to the patient.How do you calculate mAs? 600 mA x 0.1 sec. = Increasing either the current or time will increase the quantity of radiation; therefore the amount of radiation in an examination is represented as mAs.

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