What is external service management in SAP MM?

MM External Services Management (MM SRV) is an application component within the Materials Management (MM) module. It supports the complete cycle of bid invitation, award/order placement phase, and acceptance of services, as well as the invoice verification process.Click to see full answer. Also to know is, what is external service procurement?MM External Services Management provides a basic process for the procurement of externally performed services. In the individual documents, you can enter items with materials in addition to those with external services (or complete sets of service specifications). what is a service entry in SAP? The services performed by a vendor are entered in the service entry sheet with reference to the PO. When you enter planned services into service entry sheets, prices and quantities are defaulted from the purchase order. When you enter unplanned services, the SAP system checks all of the limits defined in the PO. Keeping this in consideration, what is service procurement SAP MM? SAP MM – Service Procurement. An organization business process can be completed by acquiring raw materials, manufacturing finished goods and selling finished goods. Eg: Plant Maintenance, PS network, Purchase order, Service entry sheet.What is service master in SAP MM?Service master record contains the details of all the services that can be procured from an external vendor within an organization. It contains the description of services along with their unit of measure. Service master record serves as a reference for creating service purchase order, but it is not necessary.

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