FAST VP stands for Fully Automated Storage Tiering for Virtual Pools. It’s a very smart solution for dynamically matching storage requirements with changes in the frequency of data access.Click to see full answer. Simply so, wHAT IS FAST Cache and FAST VP?FAST Cache. FAST VP. Enables Flash drives to be used to extend the existing caching capacity of the storage system. Leverages pools to provide sub-LUN tiering, enabling the utilization of multiple tiers of storage simultaneously.Beside above, what is fast in storage? EMC fully automated storage tiering (FAST) automatically moves active data to high-performance storage tiers and inactive data to low-cost, high-capacity storage tiers. The result is higher performance, lower costs, and a denser footprint than conventional systems. In this way, what is fast cache? EMC fully automated storage tiering (FAST) cache is a storage performance optimization feature that provides immediate access to frequently accessed data. FAST cache complements FAST by automatically absorbing unpredicted spikes in application workloads.What is EMC VNX?The Dell EMC VNX series of storage systems are a family of systems that provides unified file and block storage. The first generation of VNX replaced the CLARiiON and Celerra product line. The next generation of VNX systems contains a major update to the Storage Processor implementation for block storage.

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