What is FICA in medicine?

Federal Insurance Compensation Act. tax, business, social. FICA. Federal Insurance Contributions Act fluoroimmunocytoadherence. medicine, healthcare, health.Click to see full answer. People also ask, what is the FICA spiritual assessment tool?The FICA Spiritual History Tool was developed by Dr. Puchalski and a group of primary care physicians to equip physicians and other healthcare professionals with a tool to address spiritual issues with patients.Secondly, what does FICS stand for? Fellow of the International College of Surgeons Keeping this in view, what is FICA degree? FICA. Fellow, International Chiropractors Association. This honorary degree is bestowed periodically by the “Distinguished Fellows” of the International Chiropractor’s Association upon those deemed worthy.What does pm stand for in the medical field?PM. Abbreviation for: post meridiem (afternoon) pacemaker.

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