What is indirect conflict?

An indirect conflict of interest arises when a person is obliged to protect or advance the interests of two or more others who are jointly or severally seeking a good or benefit in conditions such as those defined above. An indirect conflict of interest may be better styled a ‘conflict of duties’.Click to see full answer. Consequently, what does direct conflict mean?If two people or groups are in conflict, they have had a serious disagreement or argument and have not yet reached agreement. what are the characteristics of conflict in human life? To review, conflict has the following characteristics: Conflict inherently involves some sense of struggle or incompatibility or perceived difference among values, goals, or desires. Action, whether overt or covert, is key to interpersonal conflict. Likewise, how can conflict be positive? In fact, engaging in conflict can have positive effects on relationships and organizations. Conflict requires creativity to find the best outcomes. Conflict raises awareness of what is important to individuals. Managing conflicts appropriately helps build self-esteem.What is relationship conflict?Relationship conflict is a conflict resulting from either personality clashes or negative emotional interactions between two or more people. For example, you may have a conflict with your cube mate because you keep a very tidy workspace and his is always messy. This irritates you and causes tension in the cubicle.

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