What is lateral Canthotomy?

Lateral canthotomy, the emergency treatment for orbital compartment syndrome, is the surgical exposure of the lateral canthal tendon. Cantholysis is canthotomy plus incision of the inferior branch (crus) of the tendon.Click to see full answer. Furthermore, what does Canthotomy mean?Canthotomy is simple division of the outer canthus without stitching the conjunctiva into the wound.Similarly, what does Cantholysis mean? Emergent orbital decompression in tense orbital hemorrhage with compromised ophthalmic blood flow may be achieved with lateral canthotomy, defined as incision of the lateral canthal tendon, and cantholysis, defined as canthotomy combined with disinsertion of at least the inferior crus of the lateral canthal tendon. In this way, where is the lateral Canthus? Lateral canthus: the lateral confluence of upper and lower eyelid margins. Sclera: the collagenous outer wall of the eyeball. Its outermost portion, called the episclera, has a rich vascular network.What is orbital compartment syndrome?Orbital compartment syndrome is an ocular emergency that requires expedient diagnosis and management to prevent blindness. The orbit is a relatively closed compartment with limited ability to expand, and orbital pressure can rise rapidly when an acute increase in orbital volume occurs.

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