What is meant by mesophyll cell?

Mesophyll cells are a type of ground tissue found in the plant’s leaves. The most important role of the mesophyll cells is in photosynthesis. Mesophyll cells are large spaces within the leaf that allow carbon dioxide to move freely.Click to see full answer. In this regard, what is the role of mesophyll cells?Mesophyll cells are found in the plant’s leaves. These large spaces allow these layers to help carbon dioxide move around the leaf. The spongy mesophyll also allows the plant to bend and move in the wind, which itself helps move gases around the leaf’s cells.Furthermore, what is the meaning of mesophyll of leaves? The mesophyll is a soft spongy material located between the upper and lower epidermal surfaces, and is where photosynthesis takes place. It also contains the chloroplasts that give leaves their glossy green appearance. Also to know is, what types of cells make up the Mesophyll? Here, and particularly in dicots, the mesophyll is composed of two types of cells that include the palisade parenchyma cells located just below the epidermis and the spongy parenchyma cells that are located below the palisade cells and above the lower epidermis.What does Mesophyll look like?The mesophyll generally is differentiated into columnar palisade parenchyma cells and irregularly shaped spongy parenchyma cells. The palisade parenchyma tissue usually is located on the upper side of the leaf, and the spongy parenchyma on the lower side.

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