What is meant by the term functional fit?

functional fit is when one theory ‘fits’ inside another without either of the theories being compromised.Click to see full answer. In respect to this, what is Parsons functional fit theory? Talcott Parsons – Functional Fit Theory His functional fit theory is that as society changes, the type of family that ‘fits’ that society, and the functions it performs change. This type of family ‘fits’ industrial societies because it required a mobile workforce.Also Know, what is meant by the term basic and irreducible functions? They are the four functions which the family performs to benefit and meet the needs of society. They are: 1) To satisfy sex drive. 2) To carry out socialisation of young children. Considering this, what is fit thesis? This argument is generally known as the “Fit Thesis” because of the idea that we can see a developmental “fit” between the way both society and the family as an institution have changed and we need to understand the basic theoretical arguments involved in this theory before we can start to evaluate it.What does functionalist say about family?Functionalists argue that all institutions in society have important roles to play in the smooth and functional running of society, and the family is no different. They argue that the family has important functions both for society and for individuals.

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