What is Nekton plankton and benthos?

Nekton are aquatic animals that can move on their own by “swimming” through the water. They feed on plankton or other nekton. Examples of nekton include fish and shrimp. Benthos are aquatic organisms that crawl in sediments at the bottom of a body of water. Many are decomposers.Click to see full answer. Simply so, what is the difference between benthos Nekton and plankton?Nekton live throughout the water column whereas plankton live closer to the water surface. Unlike nekton and planktons, benthos linked to the ocean floor. are worms plankton nekton or benthos? Plankton dont swim against current. Nekton are free swimming orgainisms such as turtles. Benthos are bottom- dwelling feeders such as worms and barnacles. Then, are barnacles plankton nekton or benthos? Pelagic organisms are those that live in ocean water and are not associated with the bottom. They thus inhabit the water column and can be divided into plankton and nekton. They include larvae of anemones, barnacles, crabs and even fish, which later in life will join the nekton or the benthos.What is an example of a Nekton?Examples of these organisms are sharks, dolphins, turtles, sea cows, crustaceans, shrimp and even squid. These organisms are very strong swimmers and swim against or independently of the current. Nekton organisms don’t generally live in deep water.

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