What is network call in Android?

Overview. Network requests are used to retrieve or modify API data or media from a server. This is a very common task in Android development especially for dynamic data-driven clients. The underlying Java class used for network connections is DefaultHTTPClient or HttpUrlConnection.Click to see full answer. Also know, what is network call?Network-based Call Signaling (NCS) is a profile of the Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) for use in PacketCable applications for voice-over-IP. Like MGCP, NCP is a device control protocol defining the interaction between the MGC, also called a call agent, and its media gateways.Subsequently, question is, what is API call in Android? An Application Programming Interface (API) is a particular set of rules (‘code’) and specifications that programs can follow to communicate with each other. The End user sends a request , API executes the instruction then get the data from the server and respond to the user. Also to know, what is Android networking? Android – Network Connection. Advertisements. Android lets your application connect to the internet or any other local network and allows you to perform network operations. A device can have various types of network connections.How do I make a call on android? Make a phone call On your Android phone or tablet, open the Hangouts Dialer app . Type the person’s name or phone number, and select them from the search results. To dial a number, at the bottom, tap Dialpad . Tap Call .

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